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Read the first chapter of Living Close to God.

Stop feeling like a failure at daily devotions and start walking every day with the Lord who loves you.

In Living Close to God (When You’re Not Good at It) you will discover that loving God means much more than doing your best to serve Him. You will find ways to start your day with Christ, beginning with your first conscious thought in the morning. You will learn how to fellowship with Him during even the most demanding days. And when you go to the Scriptures, you will talk with Him in a two-way conversation—just as His first followers did.


  • I very much identify with the type of person the author is and his struggles to draw near to the Lord. There is no retreat long enough and quiet enough to help me past this. I would enjoy reading a little more to tell me whether or not to invest in another book. The chapter list does intrigue me though….

  • I suspect that this book may turn out to be a critical resource for many who are hungering to really know God. I can relate to the the situation of ‘praying without communing’ that the author describes so well- a place where many persons may be, but either unaware or reluctant to admit it. I share the view that true fellowship with God transports you into the beauty and sanctity of the inner chamber, where love feels tangible and prayer itself is promoted to the utmost level. Who would not want that?!

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