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SNEAK PEEK: LIFE, IN SPITE OF ME by Kristen Jane Anderson

Read the first chapter of Life, In Spite of Me.

Even when we give up on life, God doesn’t give up on us.

Following the deaths of her three friends and grandmother, and a betraying rape, Kristen Anderson lay down on a set of railroad tracks, waiting for a train to end her life. God had other plans for her, however, and she now joyfully tells her story in Life, In Spite of Me: her miraculous survivial, the agonizing aftermath of her failed suicide attempt, and the hope that has completely transformed her life, giving her a powerful purpose for living.


  • Hello…I just read the first chapter of your book and it is awesome. I can’t wait to read it when it comes out. I am going to have Mitch read it also, he has been having a hard time lately and I think it will help him. Take care and I will see you on the 13th. Stop by the rescue squad some time, I would love to say hi.

  • I just read the first chapter — it left me breathless! I’m so looking forward to reading the rest and sharing your story … I’ll probably have to order a few copies! *Hugs!

  • Kristen,
    You are such a special person with a very special purpose in this life. There are so many people that are just overwhelmed and amazed by your spirit and love of life. I will definitely be ordering your book and will pass along your website to everyone I know. Thank you for passing the blessings you have received along to others.

    Warm regards,

    Laura & Sam Winton

  • Kristen, I’m glad you you’re alive. There were times in my life that I considered suicide as well because I let myself believe that since some “people of God” – Christians, had hurt me and let me down, that maybe God didn’t really care either. Plus, I had made so many mistakes myself in response to that pain. Somehow God kept me from committing actual suicide, but some of the things I continued to do were killing me (and my faith) just a little more slowly.

    I admire the growing, glowing faith that you have and are sharing with the world. I will share your book with others whom I know are suffering from depression. You and your story are so inspiring. If you can continue on after all that you’ve been through – surely they will see that they can too!! 🙂 Blessings to you!

  • Kristen,
    Your story is awesome! The way God has tranformed your life is truly amazing. Our God truly is an amazing God! Your story will make a difference in someone’s life. There are so many people that need to hear your story, and I’m praying for you as you continue to share it. God is working through you!


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