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Sneak Peek: I’VE SEEN THE END OF YOU by Dr. W. Lee Warren

Read the first three chapters of I’ve Seen the End of You.

This gripping inspirational memoir grapples with the tension between faith and science—and between death and hope—as a seasoned neurosurgeon faces insurmountable odds and grief both in the office and at home.

Dr. W. Lee Warren, a practicing brain surgeon, assumed he knew most outcomes for people with glioblastoma, head injuries, and other health-care problems. Yet even as he tried to give patients hope, his own heart would sink as he realized, I’ve seen the end of you.

But it became far more personal when the acclaimed doctor experienced an unimaginable family tragedy. That’s when he reached the end of himself.

Page-turning medical stories serve as the backdrop for a raw, honest look at how we can remain on solid ground when everything goes wrong and how we can find light in the darkest hours of life.

I’ve Seen the End of You is the rare book that offers tender empathy and tangible hope for those who are suffering. No matter what you’re facing, this doesn’t have to be the end. Even when nothing seems to makes sense, God can transform your circumstances and your life. And he can offer a new beginning.

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  • I found excerpts of this book on’ YouVersion app. My heart was full of fear and terror as I waited in the surgical waiting room at Duke’s Cancer Center. Believe it or not my daughter was undergoing an awake craniotomy to remove a mass from the left side of her brain. This is her third recurrence and previous treatments have left their mark.
    You will never know the emotional hugs of your words. As the hours past the panic was growing accordingly. But the story of your own pain and journey gave me hope that I too could survive if the worst happened. We are waiting on the biopsy results now and pray she has not progressed to a GBM.
    You see God put your words in the plan of my had via my iPhone and a simple app. Anything more complicated would have been beyond my ability to find. The brain cancer connection sealed it for me. Dr Warren you helped stop a heart from breaking yesterday. God bless you.

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