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SNEAK PEEK: GOD CODE by Timothy P. Smith

Read the first chapter of God Code.

The book that inspired the major History Channel series, “God Code,” shows there is more to the Bible than meets the eye–messages from God hidden for ages, now revealed by modern computer technology.

In God Code Timothy Smith reveals his quest over decades to understand the complex messages he discovered in an ancient Hebrew manuscript of the Bible–some of them applying specifically to him! His painstaking search has involved adventure and mystery, but instead of consulting ancient maps to find buried treasure, this hunt has relied on the data calculation power of modern technology. God Code shows how Scripture is more amazing than we ever dreamed…a unique, layered book that may even reveal the future of generations living today. In the companion History Channel series, the author travels across continents in search of artifacts missing since Bible times–clues to their location revealed in God Code.

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