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SNEAK PEEK: A Life God Rewards Bible Study by Bruce Wilkinson


Are you looking at eternity through a keyhole?

Click here to download an excerpt from A Life God Rewards Bible Study

Discover that Jesus revealed a direct link between what you do today and what you will experience after you die. Astoundingly, the majority of spiritual seekers around the world—including millions who follow Jesus—seem to have missed what He said. Could you be one? If so, your picture of the future is missing about a billion stars

This Bible study is a lot more exciting than getting a paycheck and benefits…and infinitely more important. After all, you’re not planning for a lifetime — you’re investing in forever. And God wants it to be great for you! Through these four weeks of insightful group or individual study, Bible teacher and spiritual counselor Bruce Wilkinson clarifies how the choices you’re making today are going to affect the quality of your life in heaven. As you investigate key Scriptures and apply them to your own situation with this visual, interactive resource, you’ll discover the most fulfilling life you’ve ever known.

Click here to download an excerpt from A Life God Rewards Bible Study

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  • I’m involved in a G12 discipleship. One thing that I noticed is In the church we want the children of God to go and be a disciples but one thing I noticed that not all in the church has no passion in discipling.So I question myself how can it be if they don’t know what to do because not all are learned about God. So I ask God where to start and I search in some teaching about what is life and why we do we need to be save for I know there is heaven and hell that people are not thinking seriously. Then we need to be save and then how we will be save. In short I need direction how to guide Gods flock to be a disciple.I need teaching then when I’m looking for a pamphlet given by the G12 about ninety day challenge I saw this booklet that I bought long time ago in a Christian bookstore coz I love to buy a sale and stock it for I know I will need it.But what I find is this pamphlet” Life that God rewards”I started to read it and I said I will used this coz it will guide me to guide others to be a disciple.And then God gave me a word of God in Psalm25, 26 and 27 that add on to lead me understand life that is old to become new in Christ my Savior.We have old testament of life tat must be new testament to unfold into the world that there is best life we have to choose and this is the life that God wants to gave us which is the original plan of God why He created us. I would like to thank God first and then to those brethren who love God and anointed by God who has the passion to help the people of God especially to the pastors. I will start the journey by following your teachings about A life God rewards and more books.G of bless you all.

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