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REVIEW: Fierce Beauty by Kim Meeder

Blogging_For_Books_250Blogger Review by “Rise & Shine for Jesus

I recently had the privilege to receive a copy of Fierce Beauty: Choosing to Stand for What Matters Most by Kim Meeder.

Before reading the book, I watched this video & was amazed by Kim’s ability to tell stories that draw the listener’s full attention.

The book was by far amazing. I recommend every women out there to go purchase this book. Reserve a copy…do what you have got to do to own this book. I don’t usually like to start out a book review with my personal opinion. I know that my opinion should be reserved for last, but i just cannot hold in how much I enjoyed this read! Each chapter began with a personal story which weaved perfectly into a spiritual application of how we as women of God have the opportunity to stand up for what matters the most in this life… [read on]


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  • Hello my name is Courtney and I just wanted to drop a little note about the book written by John Piper : Future Grace this book has been an absolute God send in my spiritual life it has taught me that there is more to God then what most churches preach these days. I have been able to learn about the Lord in such deep layers that it is hard to express in words. Thank you John Piper for hearing the Lord’s call and being obedient to it, your sermons through Desiring God are also fantastic and people who are not satisfied in the Lord need to read this book so they may learn how to drink deeply of the water that the savior Jesus Christ spoke of.

    Thank You,
    Courtney Sachse
    Hemet, California

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