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Preflight Prep

“Ah, grace. Grace that would bid us fly and give us wings! What a welcoming image—being set free to become all God intended and to soar through life.

Why is it, then, that such freedom often feels like an elusive dream? We hold back. We hesitate. He lifts the cage’s latch and invites us to take flight. We step to the edge and…

Sometimes we soar. Sometimes we tumble. Yet here’s a secret: Every soar, every tumble, every frantic flapping about, is covered by God’s grace, His grace upon grace. Every escapade with Him becomes a story.”

Excerpted from Take Flight! by Robin Jones Gunn and Cindy Hannan

Daily Reflection:
Each year, we are blessed with a fresh start. How can you take advantage of the open door this year to fly on the wings of God’s grace? How can you accomplish new goals in His name?

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