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Our Living Faith

“When things don’t go our way, when our happiness is threatened, when God isn’t giving us what we want, when we don’t think our needs are being met, there is a great temptation to take the easy way out, to turn back to our old ways, to yield to our flesh, or to give up in discouragement.

This is the feeling the recipients of the letter to the Hebrews were experiencing. They didn’t understand that the trials they were enduring were part of God’s discipline. And so in the eleventh chapter of his word of exhortation, the author of Hebrews reminded them of their need of faith. He spoke to the fact that things are not over, that the drama of redemption has not yet come to an end. He encouraged them to remember that if they wanted God’s approval, they must continue in faith.”

Excerpted from Lord, I Need Grace to Make it Today by Kay Arthur

Daily Reflection: How can you demonstrate your acceptance and love through your words and actions this year?

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