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NEWS: “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken” Author on “Marilyn and Sarah”

The Greatest Words Ever Spoken author Steven K. Scott discusses his book with Marilyn Hickey and daughter, Sarah, on Marilyn and Sarah!

With Jesus’ words organized under more than two hundred practical, easy-to-find topics, find answers to your questions, along with comfort, wisdom, and encouragement to help you in your daily life.

Please check local TV listings for viewing times. To watch online, click here.


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  • Thank you for the free copy of “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken” by Steven K. Scott. This was such a pleasant surprise, as I rarely ever “win” anything. I have never seen a book like this where the words of Christ are organized by topic. I love it so much, I ordered 2 copies to give away at Christmas, and I may order more.
    Thank you again. —

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