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NEWS: Chuck Colson Recommends Gabe Lyons’ Next Christians

Chuck Colson, host of the daily radio commentary “Break Point”and founder of Prison Fellowship, recommended Gabe Lyons’ book The Next Christians on his show, saying “Gabe Lyons is one of today’s truly promising young evangelical leaders…I appreciate Gabe’s fidelity to Scripture and his focus on the fundamental truths of Christianity. But what’s really exciting is how he’s applying the Truth in new ways, ways that really speak to young people.”  Read the transcribed show or listen to the broadcast here

Hear the story of how Gabe and his wife responded to their son’s Down syndrome diagnosis in a creative, life-affirming way.  “It was just using my gifts in storytelling and photography,” says Lyons, “But this is what Christians have to do everywhere. They show up to counter the corruption overflowing in our world and not just talking about how bad it is, but saying, let’s be a part of displaying for people what the Kingdom of God might look like when it shows up.”

Read an excerpt from The Next Christians on Scribd here

Trade paper edition releasing from Multnomah Books in March 2012.


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