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Mysterious Ways

“She laughed. ‘Exercise? You’ve lost your mind. I haven’t exercised a day in my life!’
‘Oh? What do you call owling?’
‘Owling? That’s the hobby you told me to get!’
‘Yes, but don’t you realize how much walking and climbing you do every day to follow that silly owl all over the place?’
She blinked three times.
‘It’s true, Melb. There are no secret solutions in life, no magic words. It’s just practical stuff, like exercising, that shows results.’
Her mouth fell open. But then her eyes blazed. “Are you telling me I’ve been paying you all that money, and the reason I lost weight was because I’ve been exercising?!’
Dr. Hass shrugged, an amused look accompanying a wry smile.
‘Con men aren’t con men for no reason. People are gullible. I’ve made a career out of that human fault.’
‘Well. Well! Ah!’ She found herself speechless. ‘I…I spent nearly all my wedding budget on you!’
He swallowed. ‘I promise to pay you back.’
She shook her head, disbelief stopping anything else from coming out of her mouth.”

Excerpted from BOO WHO by Rene Gutteridge

Daily Reflection:  God works in mysterious ways. How has God been shaping your life recently?

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