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Loving Our Kids

God is our perfect model for parenting. If we imitate God’s love as detailed in 1 Corinthians 13, we will see our kids. We’ll initiate relationship by entering their world and walking toward the miracle and the mess, even when our kids don’t appreciate it.

At times parenting will require great sacrifice. We’ll have to give up some of our freedom, endure losses, and sometimes grieve, but we must never give up trying to break down barriers that separate our kids from love. What God does for us is what love looks like in action. This is our perfect model for our job as parents. As we grow toward the ideal secure love style, our love will become a clearer picture of God’s. By the time our kids leave home, relating to God will feel a lot like relating to Mom and Dad.

In our humble opinion, that’s the greatest gift parents could give their kids.

Excerpted from How We Love Our Kids by Milan and Kay Yerkovitch

Daily Reflection: How can you love your kids the way that God loves you?

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