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Loving Others, Avoiding Resentment

“One of the things that kills empathy and compassion for someone we once felt love toward is the buildup of negative emotions, especially resentment. Jesus knows that when we’re struggling with the effects of a person’s sin against us, we will feel angry, scared, and hurt. That is human and normal. But when the person who has hurt us is not sorry, or continues to hurt us again and again, our negative emotions grow and resentment builds, putting a choke hold on all our positive feelings. I believe that is one reason why the Bible commands us to forgive when someone hurts us and why Jesus tells us to love our enemy by doing him or her good. It’s not only for their benefit but for ours, so that we don’t fill up with resentment and become toxic.

Doing good toward your enemy may not make any difference to him, but it will make a huge difference in you.”

Excerpted from The Emotionally Destructive Marriage by Leslie Vernick

Daily Reflection: Is there someone who has hurt you that you can show extra kindness to today?

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