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Lord Studies – A Note From Kay

Lord Studies

A Note to You From Kay Arthur…

Dear Friends,

What a privilege God has given me along with the staff of Precept Ministries International to open up His Word through inductive Bible studies with millions of believers like you! How I love to help guide men and women into a face-to-face encounter with the living Word of God–the Word that not only discerns the thoughts and intentions of your heart, but becomes the means of throwing His light on the direction your life is taking and should take with Him. If you listen to what He says, and order your life accordingly, then there is a new beginning–of understanding, of purpose. A new level of Christlikeness is attained.

All of us at Precept love hearing from so many individuals whose spiritual lives have been revolutionized by what they discover throught he Lord series of Bible studies. In addition we’re thrilled to help new readers get started in the adventure of inductive Bible study through our 40-Minute Bible Studies series, featuring short, easy-to-grasp lessons everyone can handle on their own or in small groups, with no homework required.

How I pray, beloved, that God blesses you through these books as richly and deeply as He has me in writing them. And that, as a result, your life will never be the same!

Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur Signature

P.S. – You can download extensive group guides for use in your Bible study or small group by visiting the For Groups page.

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