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Long-shot Prayers

“My favorite exploit in Joshua’s life doesn’t get nearly enough airtime, if you ask me. From every angle, the story—tucked away in Joshua 10—showcases the kind of audacity we’re after. And it all hinges on a preposterous prayer. In fact, when you first hear it, you might even feel like it’s insulting or irreverent. But as it turns out, our God isn’t intimidated by long-shot prayers.

As the chapter opens, we read that five opposing Amorite armies were planning to attack…
Joshua sized up the situation, summoned all his available courage, and delivered one of the most gloriously unorthodox prayers in the entire Bible:

O sun, stand still over Gibeon,
O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon. (verse 12)

Now can you see why I love this story? Joshua had the audacity to ask God to make the sun stop in the sky. To freeze time on behalf of his people.”

Excerpted from Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick

Daily Reflection: What do you need to pray for boldly today?

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  • I have a 1 in 14 chance that my job will relocate me to Chicago within the next hour. It’s a long shot, by far. But I’m praying for it, I have been praying for it. I’m anxious but calm. But I need as much prayer as I can be covered in.

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