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Listening to Your Life

Listening to your life involves connecting with God, yourself, and the people you encounter to get directions for finding and staying on your path. It is about being curious enough and honest enough to answer the important questions that will enable you to grow. It is about using what you hear to create a vision that pulls you forward and opening your mind to the creativity that will unlock doors and create experiences at a higher level than you have ever experienced. Listening to your life gives you both the confidence to keep walking your path even when it seems nothing is coming together the way you hoped and the tenacity to flow smoothly through the twists and turns that threaten to knock you off course. It also opens you to the rich and abundant rewards of living generously and with purpose and passion.

On the path to extraordinary success, failures along the way offer lessons that lead you to victories. The heartaches and pain cultivate the drive, compassion, and understanding you need to live at your highest potential. The mistakes, when you learn from them, give you insight that propels you forward on your journey.

Excerpted From Listen to Your Life by Valorie Burton

Daily Reflection:

How can you start listening to your life today?

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