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Life is So Much Better with Jesus in Command

Most of us want a helper, someone to lean on, to turn to; we want a boost from a copilot. That makes most of us insane, really, because sane people don’t want God as their copilot. Insane people do because that makes them the pilot and they can have the advantages of his help without the disadvantage of giving up the controls.

We like the whole idea of God working for us. Maybe that’s why we’re generally impotent in our faith, saltless, fruitless with the lost, and dismissed by the watching world. Maybe that’s why we’re frustrated, grasping, angry, and weary. Maybe that’s why others jump out our doors every chance they get!

Sanity really is better. When we’re sane—when we let God be our pilot—we’re inviting, welcoming to the watching world, relaxed, easy to be around.

What if we were flight attendants instead of copilots?

Imagine how joyful life could be, how safe, even fun, to serve others while God flies the plane across deep seas, above dry lands, over wicked wilderness (Psalm 107:23–43).

Excerpted from 101 Cups of Water by C.D. Baker

Daily Reflection: Which area of your life do you need to let Jesus pilot today?

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