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Let God

Why is it that some people with disabilities […] or others with serious illnesses or cruel diseases can find peace, enjoy other aspects of their lives, and even make positive contributions despite their own challenges? Could it be that they have not allowed their physical problems to cripple them emotionally? Could it be that they’ve chosen to focus on what is good in their lives instead of what is bad? Perhaps. Here is another possibility: maybe they’ve let go and let God. Maybe they’ve decided to let go of their pain, anger, and grief and let God handle it instead. Most people dealing with serious health problems or severe disabilities put faith into action every day in some way. Often it is faith in their doctors and nurses or in their pills, treatment, and medical equipment. Accepting professional medical care is consistent with having faith. God has given you the opportunity to be served by trained and talented people. If you are thirsty, you might like to have it quenched supernaturally, but you surely would accept a cup of water handed to you by a caring person, wouldn’t you? It’s the same with God’s leading your decisions as you walk in faith.

You don’t have to be a spiritual person to put faith into action, but as a Christian, I have to say that knowing God is strong when I am weak gives me great relief and tremendous peace and joy.

Excerpted from Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic

Daily Reflection:
How can you put your faith in action this coming year?

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