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Let go of performing

“Kingdom life thrives also in the beautiful ordinary, not just when we’re doing ministry or working at a church.

If you’re a writer, let God use your interests and abilities to grow His kingdom in you and through you. That doesn’t require that you write only about Jesus or put a fish symbol on your manuscript. It means that you write as one who lives for and in another dimension.

If you’re a businessperson, don’t bow your knee to fame, money, or making a name for yourself. Instead, excel in your area of expertise so that people can see what good, true, and beautiful business looks like.

If you’re a musician, architect, stay-at-home mother, or the guy with the burrito cart in Pioneer Courthouse Square, the kingdom of God is here and is inviting you to collaborate with what God is doing in your real world.

You have the necessary permission slip. You can let go of performing and achieving and striving. You can invite the life of God to rise up all around you. You can sing it into your everyday world.”

Excerpted from This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley

Daily Reflection: What gifts and passions can you use to glorify God?

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