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Knowing I AM

“If God’s name is I AM WHO I AM, as He confided to Moses, then my name must be I am not. After all, by the nature of the name and title I AM, the rest of us must be called something else—and that something is I am not I AM, or in short, I am not…

 “Hmm. What’s so good about this news?” you may be asking.After all, many of us have spent our lives trying to do more,gain more, become more influential, get ahead, and lead the way.The message of “I am not” seemingly comes as an affront to ourpursuit of being all we can be and experiencing the very best wecan achieve. Yet, the fact that our names are I am not does notrequire us to put ourselves down, but rather to embrace the factthat we have already achieved the greatest heights because weknow I AM.”

Excerpted from I Am Not But I Know I AM by Louie Giglio

Daily Reflection: Embracing the reality that you have already achieved the greatest height by knowing I AM, how will your day look different today?

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