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Join the Launch Team for Rich Villodas’ Book, GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL AND KIND

Join the launch team for Rich Villodas’ new book, Good and Beautiful and Kind.

This book was written with a deep passion to see our personal lives and relationships marked by greater wholeness amidst the fractures of our society. In this book Rich covers some pretty heavy themes—themes we all must wrestle with if we are going to be mature and loving followers of Jesus. He touches on:

  • A fresh angle to understand Sin
  • The importance of confronting Powers and Principalities
  • The pervasive nature of Trauma
  • The surprising way Contemplative Prayer moves us towards wholeness
  • How Humility is the greatest virtue we must cultivate
  • What it means to be a Calm and Curious Presence
  • A reappraisal of Forgiveness
  • How to work through our Conflicts
  • What it means to be people of Justice

If you have resonated with anything Rich has preached, written, tweeted, etc, he would love for you to help him get this message out.

In joining the Good and Beautiful and Kind launch team you will receive:

  • Early access to read the introduction and first three chapters of Good and Beautiful and Kind before it goes public.
  • An opportunity to connect with Rich for an hour Zoom call to talk about the book, writing, and spiritual formation.
  • Exclusive access to our Launch Team Facebook Group
  • Behind-the-scenes content.

In joining the launch team, we have 6 specific goals for you to reach:

  1. Pre-order the book from your favorite online retailer or local bookstore
  2. Fill out the Launch Team Registration form (located below on this page).
  3. Join the Facebook group.
  4. Start reading the book (you’ll be sent the introduction and first 3 chapters soon after you sign up!)
  5. Talk about the book on your social media networks as we draw close to launch day, July 12th (we will provide you with images and content. Easy!)
  6. On launch day, post a review on Amazon, and/or Goodreads

If you would like to join, simply fill out the form below by May 21st. It shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes to complete.