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Inner Health

Maybe you have a favorite old mug. Into it you pour your morning coffee, your afternoon tea, or your bedtime cocoa. It might be stained, dulled by many washings, chipped, or cracked—but it still warms your hand as you enjoy its contents day by day.

That mug is like you. Outwardly we show the chips and cracks of everyday wear and tear, but inwardly we are renewed daily with the outpouring of the Spirit. Just before this promise of renewal, the apostle Paul described us as “jars of clay” (see verse 7), perhaps thinking about Adam being fashioned from the dust of the earth. We are indeed earthen vessels, but don’t focus on the fading exterior. Feel the warmth of what God is pouring into you.

Excerpted from 99 Bible Promises for Tough Times by Randy Petersen

Daily Reflection: What can you do to focus on what God is pouring into you?

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