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In His Image

Just think: of all His magnificent creations—the brilliant sun, moon, and stars; the vast oceans; the fascinating planets; the exotic animals; and more—the one that most resembles God Himself is humankind—you and me. God made us in His image; we are as true a reflection of His character and nature as possible. Search the universe, and nothing will say “God” more than the creation known as man and woman…

We find passion and joy in walking with the One who designed every part of us. He designed our minds, so He knows how to put us at ease. He created our bodies, so He knows how to strengthen us. He formed our hearts, so He knows how to thrill and delight us. He molded our spirits, so He knows our innermost desires; and only He can satisfy those desires.

Excerpted from Completely Loved by Shannon Ethridge

Daily Reflection: How do you turn to God in your walk with Him?

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