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If God Is Good

If God is Good by Randy Alcorn - Faith In the Midst of Suffering and Evil Now available in paperback!

If God Is Good:
Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil

Randy Alcorn diligently tackles the toughest questions about suffering, evil and the goodness of God to uncover the hopeful truth from the only reliable source—the Bible. Increase your understanding of this complex topic and equip yourself to share your faith more clearly in this world of pain and fear.

Paperback, 528 pages
Price – $17.99

Hardcover, 512 pages
Price – $24.99

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If God Is Good – Lead Book – Now in Paperback!

In this persuasive book, Randy Alcorn—bestselling author of Heaven (with nearly 500,000 copies sold) and numerous other books—brings a fresh, realistic, and thoroughly biblical approach to dealing with all the issues surrounding the greatest question of human history: Why would a good God allow suffering and evil?

Paperback $17.99
Hardcover $24.99
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If God Is Good, Why Do We Hurt? – 10 Pack

With clarity, sensitivity, and compassionate encouragement, Randy Alcorn tackles our most pressing questions about suffering and evil. This 80 page companion booklet is available as a pack of 10. Ideal for grief support groups or individually to share with a loved one in a time of loss.

Price – $19.90
10 Pack, Paperback

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If God Is God – Study Guide

The small group study guide includes three tracks and a leader’s guide for flexibility and depth.

The 4-week study is an overview ofthe key points of If God Is Good and how they reveal a character of God that is loving and comforting in times of trouble. Perfect for individual or group study.

The 8-week study is an advancedcourse that probes the theological arguments in If God Is Good, including the sovereignty of God, the problem of evil, and the existence of God.

The 13-week study is structured for use as a church sermon series and Sunday school lesson series.

Price – $9.99

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The Goodness of God

A concise, condensed treatment of If God is Good that explores the basic issues that suffering and evil pose regarding the existence of God and His goodness. Works as a convenient stand-alone overview of tough issues and answers in an attractive gift package.

Price – $12.99

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90 Days of God’s Goodness

A 90 day devotional that offers truth and encouragement for those who are struggling.

Price – $14.99
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