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Holy Fire

In ancient cultures, the most important thing a household did was to never let the fire go cold. In rural Korean cultures the same ancestral fire burned for centuries, and when they moved they took the fire of their forefathers with them. When your fire went out, it was thought, you lost your connection with heaven. Would that Christians were as careful about tending spiritual fire as these ancients were about natural fire. We are to nourish the spiritual fire, and we do that by prayer, obedience, mission, devotion, and study.

Holy fire is warming. In the words of the nineteenth-century New England poet Lucy Larcom: “If the world seems cold to you, / Kindle fires to warm it.” How many fires will you kindle today with the flint of faith?

Excerpted from Viral by Leonard Sweet

Daily Reflection: How can you kindle the “holy fire” of Christ’s love through your social networks?

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