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Helping Others on a Miracle Mission

When you and I ask to be sent by God, we are taking His urgent, heartfelt command and turning it into our urgent, heartfelt request. We are coming all the way over to God’s point of view on what we were born to do. We are declaring to God:

I hear Your command, but I realize that hearing and agreeing are not enough. Therefore, I am sincerely asking, God, please send metoday on a miracle mission. And I’m letting You know in advance, when You send me, I willgo!

When you pray this way, God knows that He can call on you, His highly motivated delivery person, at any time. Whether He reaches into your heart with a nudge or simply puts you at the scene of something He wants done…He knows you have already committed to act on His behalf.

Why wouldn’t He begin to send miracle opportunities your way?

Excerpted from You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson

Daily Reflection:

If you prayed for a miracle mission today, do you believe God would answer you? Would you listen?

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