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Hearing God in What People Say to You

“Hearing clearly often requires waiting patiently.

Another temptation is to wait for God to write all of the answers on our wall one night while we are asleep. Which often keeps us from listening to things being said by the people God uses to say such things. Which is what really happens most of the time.

As often as not, someone else does the talking when God has some new thing for us to hear. It is one of God’s better tricks, if you ask me. This is true whether people are aware of it or not or are willing to admit it or not. Sometimes people hesitate to give God any credit for being able to work through the ordinary of our lives, through the very sentences we hear and say.”

Excerpted from The Echo Within: Finding Your True Calling by Robert Benson

Daily Reflection: Have you heard from God through another person’s words lately?

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