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He Rested on the Seventh Day

“Let’s face it, stillness is not exactly easy to come by in today’s culture. We are far more likely to be restless, anxious, fearful, worrisome, and busy. But God’s invitation is to be still—and to find again, in the calm pause, the assurance that He is, in fact, God. His plans are undeterred, and with or without us, He is going to receive glory from all peoples on the face of the earth.

But how do we find stillness when finances are tight, tragedy overwhelms, the kids seem out of control, nations are at war, relationships are strained, and there’s just too much left to do at the end of the day?
It’s simple. Still is found right next to Be.

See it?


Excerpted from I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio

Daily Reflection:
How can you grow as a child of God by releasing control and following God’s path this year?

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