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Grow Your Gratitude

“If you want to grow your faith, grow your gratitude. To grow your gratitude, take time to count your blessings.
When you take time to stop and look around you—to look at the people who invest in you and those from the past who helped build your character and your life—you remember things that you can never take credit for. They were given to you, like Grandma’s prayers that accompanied you on your salvation journey, like the providence of God that led you to meet your spouse, like the miracle birth of your child, circumstances that allowed you to go to college, the friend of a friend who paved the path for your first job. Once you start counting blessings—many of them ones you have never before acknowledged—you will be overwhelmed. Once you start the list, you’ll find it’s hard to stop. As you fix your attention on the blessings you have, you’ll think less about what you do not have.”

Excerpted from Plastic Donuts by Jeff Anderson

Daily Reflection: Who has been a blessing to you, leading you to where you are today?

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