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God Will Guide You

The busyness of today can shape our tomorrows. For better or worse, who and what I yield to today will affect who I become. We can’t accept every opportunity that comes our way, and we can’t always know which opportunity is the best to pursue or which doors we should walk through and which ones we shouldn’t.

Over the years I’ve discovered that I’m quite gullible, especially when it comes to bargains or a great sales pitch. Yet at the same time, I trust very few people, particularly when my children or grandchildren are involved.

Knowing I can trust God in any circumstance is a great help. He will guide me in the right direction, through the right doors, if I only will ask…and then listen for His answer.

Excerpted from Plain Wisdom by Cindy Woodsmall

Daily Reflection: How will you seek God’s guidance in which opportunities you should take today?

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  • Ain’t No River-Sharon Ewell Foster This book spoke volumes! I do not reading books that are too “preachy” and this one was not. A beautiful story followed by some great word. Things I was going through at the time were spoke on while reading this book. This author is a blessing indeed. When my money is available I will be purchasing Passing by Samaria.

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