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God redeems our past experiences

Every past experience is preparation for some future opportunity. God doesn’t just redeem our souls. He also redeems our experiences. And not just the good ones. He redeems the bad ones too—especially the bad ones. How? By cultivating character, developing gifts, and teaching lessons that cannot be learned any other way. The most important lessons in life are rarely learned in a school classroom via secondhand knowledge. Relying on secondhand knowledge results in a vicarious life. You become an extra in your own story instead of taking the lead role. The expectations of others become your script. And you live off their experiences instead of creating your own. The most important lessons are learned in the classroom of life via firsthand experience. The tests are tough, but no curriculum is more effective. And the way you pass the test is by cultivating the character, developing the gift, or learning the lesson God is trying to teach you through that experience.

Excerpted from SoulPrint by Mark Batterson

Daily Reflection: What is a lesson you have learned through firsthand experience? Did it help you cultivate character or develop a gift, and if so how/what?

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