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God Moments

Everyone has pivotal experiences of God’s loving activity in their lives. I call them God Moments. You’ve had such moments. You may not have recognized God in the moments, but He’s been there. Think about it.

Have you ever had a narrow escape from a tough situation by some strange protection? It probably was God who rescued you.

Have you ever steered away from trouble and toward something more noble because something inside you quietly craved purity? Only God makes people want to be clean.

Have you ever received a blessing that you know you didn’t earn? God is the giver of all good gifts.

Have you ever made a good decision that took you in a surprisingly good direction just because you “felt led”? That was probably God speaking to you.

Have you ever gone through a hard time only to discover later that it prepared you for something greater in your life? God is good at bringing value out of adversity.

Imagine the blessing, power, and faith that would be released in your life if you could see God in the important moments of your past.

Excerpted from God Moments by Alan D. Wright

Daily Reflection: Thinking back on your life, do you see some God moments?

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