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Giving In to God

“‘Almost everyone I’ve led to Christ—whether they were upstanding, good, moral people or out-and-out scoundrels without a hope in the world—they’ve all thought, at least at first, that the point of Christianity was ‘being good.’’

‘That is part of being a Christian, isn’t it?’

‘Sure. Doctrine of sanctification. God remakes us in the image of Christ. So, yes, we’ll grow and become better than we were. But if you think the whole point of Christianity is moral reformation, you’ll find out quickly how powerless you are to make that reformation happen.’

‘So Christianity is about giving up?’

‘No, it’s about giving in…Giving in to God. Handing your heart and life over to Him and casting yourself on His mercy alone.’”

Excerpted from Clear Winter Nights by Trevin Wax (coming September 2013)

Daily Reflection: Are you casting yourself on His mercy alone?

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