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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

“Not that finding Moses was all that difficult for God. He didn’t have to do a Google search. He knew exactly where to find him. For even though Moses was on the “backside of nowhere,” the nowhere he was on the backside of was a place called Mt. Horeb—a name which means the mountain of God. Moses probably thought he was alone with the flock for another dusty day, stranded in the wilderness, just counting the days in the closing chapters of his life. Little did he know that he was tending his sheep in God’s neighborhood, or that he was about to be invited to play a major role in God’s deliverance plan.”

Excerpted from I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio

Daily Reflection: In His all-knowing power, God knows where we are. With His power, He calls us out from our ordinary lives to do His extraordinary work. How can you listen for His call today?

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