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Free to Love

“We would love others without first demanding that they conform to our requirements or somehow become acceptable to us. We would not be in competition with anyone else, feeling pressure to look better than we are or hurrying so we’ll be first in line to get a reward. God has plenty of blessings for all his children, and he will still have blessings left to give away whenever we get there. God’s being good to someone else doesn’t mean he will have nothing left to give us later on.

When we learn this, we can love God with everything we are; we can love ourselves and love our neighbors the way we love God. When this happens, we keep the Great Commandments. We are then living in the “yes” of Christ, and we can freely share his “yes” with everyone he brings to us to love.”

Excerpted from The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn

Daily Reflection: How can you extend the love of God onto others today?

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