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On the 4th Day of Christmas…Finding the Real Meaning in Christmas

What Once Was Lost by Kim Vogel Sawyer follows the lives of individuals and a community effected by a devastating fire. It’s a story that deals with loss, grief, and recovery, and are real-life issues that my family and I have experienced.

While living in Florida, our family of six was hit by the “No Name Storm of the Century.” Hitting our home at high tide, the 14-16 feet waves ripped off the hurricane shutters and broke out windows, as the water rushed through our house, sweeping furniture, household items, toys, and personal items out into the Gulf of Mexico.

During the storm, none of our possessions seem to matter anymore, only the safety of each other and our four daughters.

Surviving through the storm surge, we were evacuated the next day, and spent the next 9 months in an 800 sq. foot apartment, where we celebrated Christmas with a tiny miniature Christmas tree on a table and eating dinner off TV trays.

We even invited family and friends over to celebrate, who sat on our daybed in our living/dining room/bedroom combination, eating, singing, playing games, reading about the first Christmas in Luke 2, and praying.

It was such a memorable Christmas, as our family was grateful for our safe, cozy residence, and for the gift of being together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

My hope and prayer this holiday season, is that you and your family will have time together to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Along with What Once Was Lost, are two more inspirational, faith-filled books to help in this pursuit:  The Power of A Half Hour and The God I Never Knew.

Each of the titles above will help to direct your heart and mind to reflect on what this holiday season is all about!

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If you would like a look at how some of my family members and I celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, please feel free to watch this special episode on “Soul Check TV.”

Soul Check TV Christmas Celebration Show from Soul Check TV on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas!

Lynette Kittle
Senior Publicist
WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers

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