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Finding Freedom in Your Relationships

“Freedom is an essential component in all healthy adult relationships. We’ve all witnessed the results in world history, in fundamentalist religious groups, and in families where freedom is squashed. Members are not free to question, to challenge, to think differently than the group. They are not free to grow or be themselves without fear of retaliation. Instead, they have to do and say and be what the group or person in charge tells them. That is not healthy, nor is it God’s plan. Although God wants unity in a family and in the family of God, he created great diversity. We are to be ourselves and be of one mind all at the same time. This one-mind idea doesn’t mean melding ourselves into the desires or demands of another individual, but together living for a common purpose and goal—the kingdom and glory of God.”

Excerpted from The Emotionally Destructive Marriage by Leslie Vernick

Daily Reflection: Are you free and giving of freedom in your relationships?

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