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An Eternally Faithful Friend through the Good and the Bad

Church father and theologian John Calvin noted that the psalms provide
an “anatomy of all parts of the soul,” because every emotion in the
human continuum is expressed somewhere in these divine tunes. The
various writers depict God to be a forever friend who doesn’t ask His children
to hide their “ugly” emotions. His delight in you can be felt in both
grinning-from-ear-to-ear moments and drab days when you feel like life
has punched you in the gut. Regardless of how well or poorly we perform,
He is with us. No matter how happy or sad we feel, our heavenly Father
won’t walk away. Our Creator-Redeemer is always in our corner; He is
absolutely and eternally for us.

Excerpted from A Perfect Mess by Lisa Harper

Daily Reflection: How has your faith in God provided support for you during both your good and your bad days?

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