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DOWNLOAD: What Are You Waiting For? Mother-Daughter Conversation Guide


If you need satisfying answers to your questions (or your daughter’s) about sex, Dannah Gresh has one (surprising) word for you.
In What Are You Waiting For? Dannah follows the trail of one provocative, ancient word through the Bible to discover God’s deepest thoughts about sex.  This conversation guide follows each chapter of the book to help moms and daughters tackle this difficult yet essential topic in order to promote purity and offer healing.

So what are you waiting for? Help prepare your daughter and start the conversation now.

Download the Mother-Daughter Conversation Guide here.





  • Thank you for this information and for the prayer guide and scripture. My husband and I have sons and we are battling the aggressive girlfriend and her mother/family. They are permissive and we are not. It started when our son wanted to go on vacation with his girlfriend when they were 18 years old. We said absolutely not. He did not go but her mother called me and wanted to know why he could not go. She tells me that my son is able to make his own decisions. We are in a battle right now with her family. we are battling the world and will not allow the world to have our son. Thank you for the prayers. We have been praying and battling for a few years and GOD is good!

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