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  • Sometimes it is hard to keep up the faith when I am having daily health battles and live in a retirement community where the average age is 86 and I am 60. About 80% are Jewish and knew each other before moving here and shun me. I know God loves me and I am His child but often this love feels so far away because I have not been able to be among Christians. I am in a wheelchair and thought the retirement community would give me a ride to church, but they only go to 4 churches and don’t want to break apart my scooter or use the bus. I cry out to God and He just tells me to be still and know that He is God.

  • Love being an awesome daughter of God
    I want have it no other way
    God is the only way to go

  • It’s a free reminder excerpted from the book The Chocolate Diaries. It is meant to encourage and uplift by reminding women about what the bible says on being a daughter of God.

  • My Dad died when I was 15 so when I was born again, it was so hard to relate to God’s love. I hadn’t had a father’s love in years. Look forward to the reminders of how lucky I am to be a daughter of God!

  • Earlier today I was thinking about me being a daughter of God…I hadn’t really thought about that truth for a very long time…then I ran across this website. Can’t wait to receive my daily reminder…..

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