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Download: Crashing the Leader’s Chatterbox | Reflection Guide

pdf_1002Crashing the Leader’s Chatterbox is a FREE DOWNLOADABLE reflection guide designed for pastors, ministry leaders, and others in leadership roles.  Combat the negative voices that keep you from God’s promises with this free guide.  Best used in tandem with Crash the Chatterbox.

Get the guide now:   Crashing the Leader’s Chatterbox

Start reading Crash the Chatterbox.

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  • Started listening to Pastor Furtick later and I can tell you I have been realllllllly bless by the sermons I have heard so far. Everyday I try to listen to at least one sometimes if it’s a series I end up listening to 2 or more for the day. Was really moved by the sermon THAT THING. Thanks continued blessings on the spreading of the word.

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