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Doing Less

“Instead of applauding Martha, Jesus gently rebukes her, telling her Mary has chosen ‘what is better.’ Or, as another translation puts it, ‘Mary has chosen the better part’ (NRSV).
‘The better part?’ Martha must have echoed incredulously.
‘The better part!’ I say to God in the midst of my own whirl of activity. ‘You mean there’s more? I have to do more?’
No, no, comes the answer to my tired heart. Jesus’ words in Luke 10 are incredibly freeing to those of us on the performance treadmill of life.
It isn’t ‘more’ he requires of us.
In fact, it may be less.”

Excerpted from Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver

Daily Reflection: Do you strive to do more for God or simply be by His side?

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