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DISCUSSION GUIDE: How Christianity Died in America

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The Last Christian – a novel by David Gregory – is more than a thrilling, gripping, can’t-put-it-down work of fiction. It’s also a serious call to action for all believers to consider the reason for the decline in Christianity in America in the 21st Century.

In Chapter 18 David beautifully summarizes and challenges Christians to consider the five causes for the decline and demise of Christianity through Creighton Daniels – a professor teaching the lesson in the year 2088 to one of his classes.

Read chapter 18. At the end of the reading are discussion questions that can be used in your Bible study, reading group, small group or church.

Take a few minutes and read through chapter 18 now.

Download the discussion guide


  • Hello everyone. I beleive this disscussion requires more intellectual opinions to be more interesting. But, of course, the author made a great job!

  • Intellectual??? That was the most “intellectual” comment I’ve ever seen. LOL

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