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  • This was an awesome book! We can’t know exactly what Jesus would say if he invited us to dinner, but I think David Gregory did a great job with the concept as well as the theology!
    I’d recommend this book to those exploring Christianity, those who have just accepted Christ, and those who have been Christians for years. It gives a lot to think about!

  • Thanks for ur book. However, the section where Jesus explains how people who have never even heard of Jesus get the salvation message by Jesus coming to them in dreams was an extremely weak argument. You glossed over this important question. What chance do the millions of people have who are indoctrinated into Islam or other religions? very slim according to your narrative. This is what really bugs me about the whole Jesus is the only way to salvation message. It seems to me that most of humanity is doomed to hell according to your book. I do not believe God would do that.

  • Such a wonderful book! Such a great way for people to see what our savior thinks and feels about us. Really makes you think. God Bless you,

  • Thank you for taking the time out of your life, to share the gospel with others. I very much enjoyed the book. I had a few laughs, I cried, and had an aw ha moment. I enjoyed the dinner! May God continue to Bless your life. Thank You!

  • This above-mentioned book written by David Gregory does a pretty excellent job in telling everyone who reads it as to what God really expects of everyone who receives Jesus as Lord and Savior. However, I still would have to suspect that Mr. Gregory misunderstands much of what is actually taught in certain faiths outside Christianity. If I were Hindu, for example, I would explain that there are two universes, both the physical and spiritual universes, and that “Jesus” is not wrong in explaining that the physical universe has a beginning, whereas the spiritual universe has not. I might have seen it that way if I were Hindu, as Hinduism allows for many differing beliefs and spiritual traditions. Overall, however, I would still recommend this book for all who wish to know the real deal about what Jesus really came to do. Thank you nonetheless, Mr. Gregory, and God bless you as you bless Him.

  • Jer.31:33. I will put the law in their minds and write it on there hearts.
    Your use of this on pg.78 in an explanation of how will those that don’t have bibles hear the word of God.
    It unmistakable and irrefutable to argue the existence of God.
    I was basically born on the church pew, but like many youth, I walked away. 22 years ago(the day before my wedding) God spoke to me thru my brother. We, my fiancee and I rededicated our live back to God. It has still been a rough road, even now 23 years later, I still get sucked back into my past at timess, but, I love reading thing like your book and how the Holy Spirit enlightens me and reminds me “who’s I am”.
    Thank Mr. Gregory for your contribution to the literary world. I wish the book was mine to pass on, but as it is it was loaned to me. My prayers for God’s blessing to you and all who read this book, the God may touch their hearts.
    Thank you again,

  • I first watched the movie “The Perfect Stranger” on a Christian network January 2016. Pulled it up as a “trailer” on U-tube. At the end of the “trailer” I learned about the book: “Dinner With A Perfect Stranger”. I’ve read the book also (purchased January 2016) which I would consider a fast read, but so enlightening. I’ve often wondered how sitting down and having a meal with Jesus would be. This demonstrated to me exactly how that could go if opportunity knocked. That’s where Rev. 3:20 comes into the picture for me and also the book. I enjoyed the book because it demonstrated a conversation of all the important questions you’d like to ask Jesus, plus it gave proofs about the Bible, and it told about the scar that Jesus had on his hand. Plus is was somewhat humorous; not so stiff-nect. A very, very enjoyable book….one that I plan to keep close at hand and perhaps near my dinner table!!!!!

    Mr. David Gregory: you took the words right out of our mouths. Thank you for that and may you have many blessings on this “eternal” journey of life that I’m certain you must have. In Christ Alone, Connie

  • I have been a Christian for 31 years now. I’ve read hundreds of books in that time, nothing like this! I wish I’d had this 30 years ago.

  • I would love to receive a dinner invitation from Jesus of Nazareth!! It would be great to see this book made into a movie.

  • This book was given to me last year in a time of deep sadness. Needless to say i needed this book. I then proceeded to read the other two. Such great messages.

  • This is an amazing book. I have always been a Christian, raised in a strict Catholic family and still practice my faith. At 55, after reading this book, this past weekend, I am struck how profoundly it has affected me so deeply and helps me to understand my faith and my purpose. I am passing it on to another and want to purchase several copies to give to friends. I hope if affects them as much as it has positively changed me.

  • This was a cool book. If a person who was a honest skeptic (though they are few and far between) were to read this, God would definitely use this as a tool to bring he/she to himself and into the kingdom of heaven. Thank you so much for writing this book I hope it be comes a movie %

  • Thank you for opening my eyes and heart again to the existence of Jesus and true meaning of Christianity.

  • Thank you for writing this. There must have been a lot of dust in between the pages; some of it might have gotten in my eyes. 😉

  • Great book, had me with the title. Geez would I like to have dinner with Jesus. Everything about the book was intriguing and made me think what an awesome God we serve, he gives you free will to make your own choices in life, love you regardless and when you’ve made a mess out of it all, makes a way to bring you full circle but only if you want it. I choose Jesus and pray that my walk with Him keeps me on the straight path. I may fail but that’s okay God knows my heart and with every fall, He will pick me up.

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