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Designed with Purpose

The Bible makes it clear that we were designed from the start to live for a unique reason. For a dream. A big idea. A personal mission. That’s because you and I are made in the image of a forward-looking, purposeful God.

In other words, before God starts something, He is certain of the outcome.
God created you with a divine undertaking in mind. Before you were born, God knew you. And He knew what He wanted your life to be like.

That’s why God calls us to live on purpose, keeping the end in view. And what’s more, He invites us to seek Him in order to learn what His perfect plan is for our lives. Then, with that plan in mind, we can reach His and our greatest dreams. Anything less is a mistake, a lie, and a ripoff.

Excerpted from Chazown by Craig Groeschel

Daily Reflection: How are you going to live life on purpose for God today

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