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Daughters 1In 1896, Helga and Clara Estby walked 7,000 miles across the country to earn a $10,000 reward that would save their family farm from foreclosure. But the walk that they took is only the beginning of the story and impacted their lives long after the final step was taken. And a walk could do the same for you!

How, you ask?

By setting up a “walk” event to help those in your community connect with each other, local or national charities, and in the process discover more about themselves.

Sound too difficult?

We’ve got some tools that can help you pull off an event in time for a mother/daughter walk on Mother’s Day weekend or the date of your choosing. See below for promotional materials, a checklist on what you need to do to make your event successful, and videos to learn more about the book.

Praise for The Daughter’s Walk:

“Jane Kirkpatrick is a wonderful writer who creates a story full of strong, admirable characters with human flaws. Clara and Helga come to life with dimension and depth, pulling us into their world. I walked across the country with them, experienced their triumph and disappointment, and faced the shattered, angry family when they returned. Jane has given readers a wonderful story of a family schism that comes full circle to love and grace, and of the importance of family, especially when one has been an outcast. I highly recommend The Daughter’s Walk
—Francine Rivers, best-selling author of Redeeming Love

“Kirkpatrick has done impeccable homework, and what she recreates and what she imagines are wonderfully seamless. Readers see the times, the motives, the relationships that produce a chain of decisions and actions, all rendered with understatement. Kirkpatrick is a master at using fiction to illuminate history’s truths. This beautiful and compelling work of historical fiction deserves the widest possible audience.”
—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Kirkpatrick is on the top of her game with this gem! There is mystery, romance and the journey of finding out who we are and where we belong in the world. This story starts off where the real Helga Estby’s story ended. The character of Clara has many layers and as her story unfolds, each layer is exposed and the reader has the opportunity to look at their own layers and maybe find a little of themselves in Clara’s journey.”
—Romantic Times Book Reviews (4-1/2 Stars)

Getting Started:

  • The phrase “eating an elephant one bite at a time” is graphic, but gets the point across. Everything is easier with a small, manageable accomplishable tasks…and a checklist in hand! And we’ve put our heads together to create just that. Download our step-by-step guide here. And feel free to customize it. We won’t be offended.

Promotional Materials in The Daughter’s Walk Kit:

  • Bookmarks. These can be printed at your local copy/print store and distributed to your heart’s desire. Or if your local copy/print store doesn’t have these capabilities for some reason, it’s easy to order them here. The specs are 2×8, four-color each side.
  • Postcards. Much like the bookmarks, these are especially helpful to spread the word…and even more helpful in some ways because you can mail them. After all, who doesn’t love to get mail that isn’t a bill? These can also be printed at your local copy/print store or you can order them here. The specs are 4×6, four-color printing on front, black and white on back.
  • Poster.  This poster can be customized to the specifics of your event. Want to add your logo? Great! Want to add a note specific to your event? Awesome! Print them at your local copy/print store or order them here.
  • Bag Stuffer. Let consumers know about your event by sticking a little extra information in their bag along with their new book(s). Then, they won’t be able to say you never gave them anything. Plus, these are customizable, too! Print them at your local copy/print store or order them here. For a version of the file without crop marks (aka color-printer ready), click here.
  • Flyer. Think of it as a miniature poster. All the customizable elements with a smaller size that can travel amongst your patrons freely. Print them at your local copy/print store or order them here. For a version of the file without crop marks click here.
  • Map. A map highlighting Helga and Clara’s walk across the country is also available here for download. Maybe you’d like to print one off to raise interest or to highlight your state’s stop in Clara and Helga’s journey? Look no further.
  • Discussion Questions. Use these questions, thoughtfully written by the author, to make your event more meaningful. Walking presents the opportunity for unhindered conversation and what better way to deepen relationships or form new friendships?
  • Reading Group Guide. These book-specific, more detailed questions can aid in your discussion around The Daughter’s Walk and keep a group conversation, rich with individual opinion and insight, flowing.
  • Video. Hear about the book from the person that knows it best…Jane Kirkpatrick. And when you’re done there, don’t forget to watch the book trailer. Use these videos to draw interest pre-event by posting them on your website & Facebook page and/or play them at your actual event before embarking on the walk for a more personal touch.

Still want to know more? Read an excerpt of The Daughter’s Walk here.