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WaterBrook Multnomah’s Official Gift Giving Guide


Want to get a book for someone on your gift list but not exactly sure what to get? We’re here to help you out! Check out the categories below for the perfect present to take up residence under your loved one’s Christmas tree. After all, books are the gift that keeps on giving all year round.

One Book Fits All

Stumped about what to give? These books are tried and true best-selling classics guaranteed to warm the recipient’s heart.

Redeeming Love TheRagamuffinGospel Desiring God treasureprinciple


Spiritual Enrichment

Sanctification. The continual changing of our lives toward becoming more like Christ. These books are for the people in your life that aren’t satisfied with a lukewarm Christian existence and are constantly looking to change how they view life through their faith.

radical undertheoverpass thewalk  sunstandstill 360Degree   extraordinary   YWBFT   primal   merechurchianity   daretodropthepose   chazown   visioneering

For Fiction Readers

Fiction lovers come in all different shapes and sizes. For those people on your list that have perfected the ‘nose in the book’ manuever, talk about characters as if they are real people, and continually max out their card minimums at the local library, these stories will provide a portal into a different world. Through the pages of these books, you’ll give the gift of adventure, romance, fantasy, history or suspense without leaving their cozy reading chair.

Fantasy Fiction.

raven'sladder   tandem   DOTV

Historial and Western Fiction.

hereburnsmycandle   lady in waiting   absencesogreat   twobrides

annafinch   bridegrooms  ironwagon

Contemporary Fiction.

BOP   piratequeen   miracleofmercyland

divineappointments   nowherecarolina   shades of morning

 Suspense Fiction.

last christian   flightofshadows   indivisible   thenightwatchman

judgmentday   jordan'scrossing   forgetmenot


Relationship Strengthening

It’s true…no matter how good your relationships are, they can always be strengthened. Maybe you know someone who just wants to continue to understand more about the opposite sex. Or maybe life is crumbling around a friend or family member and you know they need some expert help. Or maybe you just want to provide a resource to help a couple in your life re-awaken a relationship gone stale. Trust me. These authors have been there.

LALS loveandwar  LivinginLove  kissmeagain

For Deep Thinkers

You know the type…maybe you ARE the type…the kind of person that is never happier than when they are discussing deep theological truths and probing topics that prompt thought.

IGIG  Angels TheSignatureofGod

 For Women

We all have women in our lives that have made an impact in who we are–moms, sisters, aunts, teachers, Bible study leaders, friends–women have a unique role to play in our world, but tend to be overworked, under-appreciated and harried by day-to-day living. Help the women in your life breathe new life into their walk with the Lord.

LionessArising   untamed   Mother-Daughter   Waist

badgirls   havingamaryheart   malefactor   hisprincess

To Help

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a friend that’s hurting is to admit, even if only to yourself, that you don’t have the answers. Whether you give your friend the gift of a book that can guide to hope or the gift of time to read and understand them more, these books can help.

hurtrunsdeep thegoodnessofgod shattereddreams hopehelphealing


Life without inspiration is dark indeed. Inspiration can strike us in many ways…through the Word of God, circumstances or the lives of others. Journey with these authors toward the Light.

LISOM BlindHope DancingwithmyFather HearNoEvil

For Young Adults

Studies have told us that there’s no more critical time in a person’s life than in their teenage years. The issues a teen encounters in today’s sin-soaked world only serves to urge us to protect them from the common and easy-to-fall-into traps that encounter youth today. Also hard to find are quality fiction books that aren’t morally tainted. Check out the books below for books that will enrich, entertain, and challenge without compromising truth.

DoHardThings StartHere FYWO FYMO

EYMB EYWB authenticbeauty Hero

charlatansboy   Christymiller1   sierrajensen   DOATG

LadyCarliss SirQuinlan SirRowan   kingdomsdawn

 For Children

Instead of focusing on the newest “must have” toy, point the little hearts of the kids in your life to deeper truths in these beautifully illustrated, fun stories. Give the gift of reading about God’s love for them, what friendship should look like, God as creator, and how to pray.

GGUY GGUC  GGUSM  DragonandtheTurtle

LittleStar  TLPOM  GLMMTT  WhenGodCreatedMyToes

For Parents

 There’s no harder–and no more crucial–job today than being a good parent. With the ever-changing landscape of our world’s reality, new issues crop up…and age-old problems remain to create barriers for parents who want to raise godly kids. Let these books lend a helping hand.

Gift Giving Guide   Don't Let Me Go   fight of your life   FPO


For Animal-Lovers

Anmials in our lives play an important role. They can be a listening ear, a foot warmer, and a faithful friend…all in one. For those animal-lovers in your life, check these titles out!

Saturdays with Stella   Blind Hope   Bridge Called Hope   hoperising

For Christmas Enthusiasts

Brighten the holiday season for someone close to you with these fantastic Christmas books.

EverythingChristmas   TwoTix   SOSB   christmaswithtucker


For Bible Study Leaders

365days   40min1  soar GreatestWords