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Christmas Colors

When we think of Christmas, we often paint a picture in our minds with strokes of green and red against a canvas of white, with a touch of silver and gold here and there. Why are these colors most commonly associated with Christmas? Who was the first artist to choose these hues from their palette? It was God. It is He who paints the seasons with colors. Over the years, tradition has ascribed special meaning to the colors of Christmas.     Green suggests life—the eternal “ever-green” life we have in Christ. Red recalls the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for us. White speaks of the purity of the spotless Lamb. Gold celebrates the divine nature of God’s Son and reminds us that He is the great King. Silver commemorates the price that was paid for His betrayal—and our redemption from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

As we decorate this Christmas, let the green of the wreath, the red of the poinsettia, the white of the snowman, the gold of the trumpet, and the silver of the tinsel remind us of the Master Painter and prompt us to praise Him for His creative use of color in our world.

Excerpted from The Adventure of Christmas by Lisa Whelchel

Daily Reflection: What other ways has God reminded you of His love this season?

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