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Children Leading

The day had been a stressful one, and my patience had ebbed away, when my son Brett looked at me and said, “Dad. Chill.”

In one word he told me to slow down, not take life—or myself—too seriously. Not bad advice.

I’m not sure I know how to chill. I see kids milling around, not doing anything, and they say they are chilling. Chilling is apparently the absence of activity, and that is something I find difficult. Yet if I am willing to follow my son’s example, I just might learn this fine art. I have a feeling it will prove beneficial.

It’s been said that children laugh three hundred times a day, and adults average five times a day. When it comes to enjoying life and living each moment to the fullest, we need to let our children lead the way. Relaxing and savoring life are only two areas in which kids can and will lead, if we will take the time to listen. We can also let our kids lead us into a deeper prayer life. Kids pray about anything and everything. They don’t hold back.

Perhaps we can follow their example, learn to chill, and take some time to talk with God.

Excuse me now. I’m going to go outside, hang out, and do nothing. Chill—and maybe commune with God.

Excerpted from Whispering in God’s Ear by Wayne Holmes

Daily Reflection: How will you make a point to step back and listen to God?

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