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Children Believing

Children believe. Without the skepticism and doubts that adults carry wherever they go, children simply believe. Tell a child that God answers prayer, and he or she will put your words to the test, often with remarkable results.

As I was preparing this book, the kids’ stories reminded me of a valuable lesson. Children are very specific when they pray. If their family is short two hundred dollars on their mortgage payment, they don’t ask God to “meet their needs” or “provide for their family.” Instead, they ask God to send them two hundred dollars.

I’m reminded of four-year-old Dana, the daughter of a writer-friend, who prayed, “Dear Jesus, help us not to eat slugs.” Now that’s praying specifically.

My prayers, on the other hand, are often too general. I pray for my children, but not with concreteness. I pray for my friends, but again, I don’t always pray for specific needs. I want to follow the example of children because I’ve discovered that when you pray specific prayers, God gives you specific answers.

Kids believe. I want to regain the simple childlike faith that knows God answers prayer. Ask Him, and be specific.

Excerpted from Whispering in God’s Ear by Wayne Holmes

Daily Reflection: What specific prayer will you pray to God today?

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